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Baseball Cap Hidden Camera

This is a baseball cap Hidden Camera that you can use to monitor your sports team, the Camera renders a peerless look and works with video and video chat. You can even control the Camera from anywhere in the world, the Camera also grants a hat to help you protect your team from the opposing team.

Baseball Cap Hidden Spy Camera

The baseball cap Hidden spy Camera is a small, but powerful camera, it can track your every move, and even record your conversations with the person you're with. Plus, it's great for monitoring your work schedule or monitoring a secret meeting, this is an 1080 p hd spy Camera that records video and audio while you are in your car or truck. The cap is further an outstanding tool for monitoring your work schedule or tracking your enemies, the spy baseball cap is a best-in-class baseball cap to dress up your look for the game. With its Hidden Camera vibe, the cap is prime for building secret cameras or tracking down secrets, this Camera baseball cap is valuable for lovers who desire to take pictures and video during baseball games or other activities. The cap also features a Hidden video Camera to capture a better video quality when using 32 gb mini hd 1080 p spy Hidden Camera baseball cap is in a committed or competitive setting.